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we're a New York based mobile coffee cart.

who is mesa coffee?

We are a fully mobile coffee shop... yeah that's right. 

We serve our delicious speciality coffee at private events, parties, corporate events, and more with professional coffee catering. Our custom coffee cart was handcrafted to be as efficient as any neighborhood coffee shop. We look and act the part. 

But we are more than just a coffee cart. We are on a mission to use speciality coffee to encounter others and create authentic community! In a city that is far too often isolating and lonely, we know coffee breaks down barriers. We exist to create a space where everyone has a place at the table.

our services

Two hours (or more) with unlimited access to our full espresso bar menu

Knowledgable baristas with experience in specialty coffee and a friendly face

Variety of menu items including espresso, cold brew, teas, matcha, and more.

We have a close relationship with our roaster and their sourcing of beans. We guarantee serving only the freshest beans